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Blue Biplane With Name decal above a cot
Metallic Gold Biplane With Name decal above a cribSky Blue Biplane With Name decal in a child's playroomBiplane With Name decal size chartRed Biplane With Name decal on a nursery wall

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What a spectacular way to intoduce a bit of fun and the chance to learn into your child's room. This great wall decal featuring two biplanes, each trailing smoke, with your little boy's name written by them on the wall. Also in the background the large initial letter of your child's name, produced in a colour of your choice, to compliment the decor of his room, or perhaps simply in his favourite colour.

• Transform your home with this stunning and simple to apply decal

• Sizes in millimetres: (other sizes available upon request)
SMALL: Width = 508mm, Height = 555mm
MEDIUM: Width = 852mm, Height = 731mm
LARGE: Width = 968mm, Height = 953mm
X LARGE: Width = 1316mm, Height = 1093mm

• Sizes in inches: (other sizes available upon request)
SMALL: Width 20in, Height 22in
MEDIUM: Width 34in, Height 29in
LARGE: Width 38in, Height 38in
X LARGE: Width 52in, Height 43in

These sizes are meant as an approximate guide to the size of the decal as the actual shape of the decal will vary with the name and initial letter required for the design.

• Choose one from 22 popular matt colours for the large initial letter (The biplanes, smoke and the name come as standard in black)
• Select your required options above then simply ADD TO CART and CHECKOUT when ready