Wall Stickers for Your Bedroom

First, Choose a Theme

The wall stickers that you choose for your bedroom will need to make some sort of statement about the space they’re going to be used in; that’s why you should choose decals that tie in with any existing themes you’ve put in place.

Here are some approaches you could execute very easily and without digging too deeply in to your decorating budget (which is one of the main advantages of using bedroom wall stickers to change the look and feel of what is, after all, an extremely personal space):

Landscape Theme

Have you traveled extensively in the past? Is your bedroom overflowing with artefacts you’ve collected on your travels?

If so, then we’d recommend browsing through our ‘Skylines and Landmarks’ category. These rather eye-catching stickers could be used to separate a wall space, or draw attention to a particular object (for example, you could place a sticker of the Manhattan skyline above a shelf of artefacts you collected whilst travelling in the Big Apple whilst on holiday).

These stickers are wide in length, which means they’ll work best if placed above something that is of similar proportions (like the aforementioned shelf or bed, to use but two examples).

They can also be purchased in different sizes, which means you can place them almost anywhere in your bedroom without losing any visual impact.

Express Yourself – With Words, Not Pictures

Whilst a well-chosen image will have an immediate impact on your room space, so will some carefully selected words. Again, the bedroom stickers you choose should ideally have some sort of connection with the room – and, just as importantly, the space they occupy in it.

Here are some themes you could use:

Song Lyrics
Ideal if you are an avid music lover. You could even place the sticker above your radio, CD player or iPod docking station (or maybe even on the corner wall, against which your guitar takes permanent residence).

Perfect if you want to make a specific statement about yourself or what the room means to you. There are hundreds of different sayings, expressions and quotes on our site if you look carefully – ranging from funny, through to poignant, through to sentimental.

Sports Themes
If you can’t get enough of the Grand Prix, then why not add some suitably-themed stickers to your bedroom wall?! You could put a decal of the Lamborghini emblem on the wall directly above your bed – or over the television, so you could see it when you tuned in to watch the racing.

Not everything fits neatly in to a category. Ever heard of the artist Banksy? His famous graffiti style of painting has become famous worldwide and has been often imitated but never surpassed. His art has a humorous edge too, which means the stickers we sell of his work are ideally suited for use in a private space that is unlikely to be seen by many other people other than yourselves.

If you want to make a really bold statement then look at some of the retro stickers on our site – like the pink lips.

If, like some people, you have a small settee in your bedroom, this could look great directly above it or our space invader-themed stickers, which you could buy in small-scale and place somewhere in the region of your gaming station!

Your Space, Your Choice

It’s your bedroom, which means you can throw the rulebook out the window when it comes to decorating. That said, there are a few factors you may want to think about before buying your wall stickers:

1. How big is your room? If it’s quite spacious (for example, if it’s Edwardian, you may have quite high ceilings) you should choose stickers that are proportionate in scale – else, the image/words could become dwarfed by the room’s massive dimensions.

2. Colour matters, so choose a hue that is going to have the best possible visual impact. If your room is decorated quite conservatively, then a bright image could work really well. The contrast would mean it stood out and provide a focal point for any guests.

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