Wall Quote Stickers

Make a Statement

Have you ever thought about using wall art to bring one of the rooms in your house to life? If you’ve looked online for decorating ideas already, then you may have encountered this concept and reviewed some images to get some ideas – in which case you already know that most of these suggestions are image-based, in that they involve the use of portraiture, pop-art
imagery, cartoon characters or themes that revolve around a genre.

What you’re less likely to have come across are wall quote stickers. These are exactly as they sound – famous sayings that can be purchased in different sizes and colours and adhered to any surface in any room of your house.

Choosing wall quote stickers isn’t as easy as looking online for a suitable image, though. In such a case, you’ll literally be making a statement about the room in question – whereas a generic picture could blend in quite innocuously, and without needing to tie in with any particular theme.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Whether you’ve already decorated your room, or are about to start, your approach will probably still be the same. Here are some ideas designed to help you hit the ground running…

Be unconventional. It’s tempting to stick your chosen quotation on a wall – because, let’s face it, it’s called a wall sticker for a reason. But is there really anything wrong with putting it on your ceiling? If your chosen decal is for a private space like a bedroom, then there’s nothing wrong with defying convention. Sticking the quote on the space directly above your bed may be quite appealing, especially if the quote is inspiring to you.

Be consistent. The wall quote sticker you use might not need to thematically work with the rest of the room as an image might, but it is still a decorative item and, for this reason, you’ll need to think about what scale is needs to be bought in and which colour might be most suitable (if in doubt, be conservative; darker shades are more neutral and tend to be compatible with most colour schemes).

Be careful. Before applying the wall quote sticker you may want to test out the colour you’ve chosen it in – by buying some tester paint or some strips of paper in the same shade, so you can work out whether it fits in with the overall design of the room. This will of course be a lot easier if you’re in the earlier stages of decoration!

Wall Quote Sticker Examples

There are plenty of wall quote stickers to choose from on our website, although their import might not be immediately obvious, which is why we thought we’d talk about them in a bit more detail here.

‘We Love You To The Moon And Back.’ Preview this decal online and you’ll see how the writing is depicted in elegant swirls that would look fantastic in large scale and placed adjacently to your newborn’s cot. Gentle colours probably work best in an environment that’s meant to be soothing, which is why our example shows pale brown writing against a light yellow background.

‘If A Heart That Loves Is Always Young, We Should Live Forever.’
As you will see when you preview this wall quote sticker online, it has been placed directly above some chairs and a table – a place where people are likely to indulge in conversation, some cake and perhaps some coffee. The font is bold, dense, obvious and almost cartoonish in style (as emphasised by the bright red heart that acts almost as a form of punctuation within the text). This is a wall quote sticker that demands – and, indeed, deserves – to be placed somewhere very public where it can be appreciated (a kitchen might be a good example of such a place!)

‘Home Sweet Home.’ This timeless favourite can be found in most homes. Although it can, in theory, be placed almost anywhere, it will arguably work best on the wall next to your front door, at the foot – or the top – of your stairs or on one of the walls in your kitchen. This statement isn’t just there for your benefit, after all; it’s there to show your friends and family how much you care about your home! That’s why it deserves to be placed somewhere very public where it won’t be missed.

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