Wall Stickers – A Decor Accessory or a Wall Feature?

Should wall decals be used as merely an accessory or should they be used as a wall feature?

As a company, we started out by creating small wall stickers, things such as numbers, letters and small butterflies. We soon realised that there was a demand for much bigger decals, some up to three metres long. People were starting to see wall decals as more than just an accessory but instead using them as a feature. You can create a whole scene: trees with butterflies, flowers, birds, landscapes, skylines a child’s personalised name surrounded by butterflies and stars; the list is endless

Why would I choose vinyl wall art over paint?

The simple answer is, you don’t or at least you have a choice. You can decide to rejuvenate a room by papering or painting the walls and then applying wall stickers afterwards but often the paintwork is in good condition. So why not leave the walls the same and add a range of colourful wall stickers instead. They will transform the room at a fraction of the cost.
For the boys, you could get vinyl wall stickers to resemble a silhouette of their favourite footballer, surrounded by items such as footballs, a goal and their personalised name, with stars surrounding the whole piece.

Make a statement wall in any room in your house

For the girls, you could purchase one of our swirly personalised names, bound to a hummingbird and wallflower design. Before you know it, you can create a scene like something out of a fairy tale. In the kids nursery, one of our most popular groups of decals are the scenes, such as the Underwater and the Woodland Animals. Give your little ones hours of fun creating stories with the coloured cartoon animals and forests of green trees. Pair this with our Learn to Count decal, and turn their bedroom into an early learning centre.

These bedroom wall stickers can inspire your kids at the most important stage of their life. So when you next think about decorating your child’s bedroom or nursery, why not earn some brownie points by filling it with something THEY will actually enjoy looking at?

Treat Yourself

It doesn’t just end at your children’s bedrooms either. You can easily create a wall feature in any room of your house by purchasing a range of our family-friendly designs.

In the kitchen, stamp your authority with our ‘Today’s Menu’ design which light-heartedly states that your family members should ‘take it or leave it’ which could be partnered with our ‘Personalised Kitchen’ wall decal whereby your family name is incorporated into a design and informs guests as to when you started your ‘cooking memories’.

Open up your mind and think outside the box when it comes to decorating the house. Wall stickers from Wondrous Wall Art can add a lot of flare to you home for very little cost.

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We can also design customised stickers, so if there’s something special you want to say, but it’s not on our website, let us know and we’ll be very pleased to help.