Wall Art Stickers

A Quick How To Guide To Get You Started

Why Choose Wall Art?

The reason decorative wall art is growing so quickly as a movement online at the moment is that it doesn’t involve a great deal of expense to get started. Whether you want to recreate the Manhattan skyline above the dresser in your bedroom, add a burst of colour to the wall of your studio in the form of a pair of brightly flaming lips, or inspire yourself by putting a famous quotation on the wall of your study, you’ll be able to find wall art stickers on our website to suit your exact requirements.

A Few Great Reasons To Decorate Your Home Using Wall Art

Although there are dozens of reasons to choose wall art stickers to decorate your home, here are the ten best ones we could think of:

1. They’re unique. Although wall art stickers are growing in popularity, not everyone is using them, which means you’ll be able to create quite a stir amongst friends and family when they come to visit you.

2. They’re inexpensive.
You won’t need to do too much to a room in order for your wall sticker to achieve its desired impact. In fact, our customers often write to us to say thank you – because the stickers they bought from us managed to transform the look of their room without any extra investment or effort!

3. They’re adaptable.
Wall art stickers come in a range of different sizes and colours. This means they can be resized and re-coloured to blend in with the dimensions and existing style of the room they’re going to live in.

4. They’re easy to apply.
Unlike some of the decorating you’ll be doing, wall art is in no way shape or form difficult or strenuous – even if you’re not normally a DIY person. By following the simple six stage process on our website you’ll be able to add your chosen stickers without any hassle or wasting too much time!

5. They’re suitable for any room in your home.
There are literally hundreds of different types of wall stickers available to buy through our website, each listed under their appropriate category so you can locate them as easily as possible. Sports, science fiction, films, decorative and artistic are examples of just a few of the themes you could put straight to use.

6. They can be combined to create exiting scenes.
If you want to do something a bit different with your child’s bedroom, nursery or play area, you could buy a set of wall stickers that have been created around a central theme and then arrange them to create a story of some description – a pirate ship battle or an intergalactic scene involving robots and spaceships.

Before You Get Started…

There are no set rules you need to learn before buying and applying your wall art, but you may want to bear in mind the following before making a final decision:

The wall art stickers you find online will look great in the photo preview – but will they transfer well to the part of your home they’re to be used in? Tempting as it might be to buy a life size decal of a famous celebrity like Audrey Hepburn for your room, will it really work in reality? Is the space it’s meant for big enough to make that wall sticker work.

It’s not just about the scale of the wall art you’re buying. The image/s you’re reviewing will need to work in close conjunction with any existing theme you’ve used/are planning to use for the room that’s about to decorated.

To make sure you achieve this, be sure to review all the categories on our website (rather than limiting yourself to just images. If you can’t find wall art pictures that are suitable, browse our collection of lyrics and quotations, as these could help underline the room’s central theme just as well).

Contact Us

Although we’re confident you’ll find wall art stickers suitable for decorating your home, we recognise you may want some initial advice – about how to apply your stickers, where to place them, or perhaps something entirely different.

Whatever your query, please email us or call us (and don’t forget that if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can create bespoke wall art stickers from scratch that are designed to your exact specification)!