Vinyl Wall Art Stickers

What Is Vinyl Wall Art?

Not everyone is familiar with the term ‘vinyl wall art.’ This is surprising, especially as it’s a term growing in popularity at the moment. People who want to reduce their decorating budget – or ‘buck the trend’ – are going online and looking for wall art to liven up their bedroom, dining area or kitchen. One of the added attractions of using vinyl stickers is that they are extremely easy to use – meaning you can add them to your chosen wall within a matter of minutes by following a simple six stage process.

There are very few restrictions when it comes to choosing suitable vinyl wall art for your home, which is another reason that it’s trending online in a big way at the moment.

Is Vinyl Wall Art Different To Vinyl Stickers?

Without a doubt, yes. Vinyl Wall Art generally describes the use of images created by particular artists.

As an example, the graffiti style popularised by Banksy has recently caught on and is being used to enliven creative spaces like attic studios and studies. Vinyl Wall Art can also refer to particular genres – such as Pop Art, which was epitomised by artists like Andy Warhol, and can work well in rooms that revolve around a retro-based theme.

By contrast, vinyl wall stickers are more general in terms of their style; as such they do not depict the work of specific artists.

This means they can be incorporated more easily in to the existing design of a room, as they do not rely on the presence of a pre-existent theme to work.

Examples could include generic coloured patterns that could be used to draw attention to a particular feature within a room (see our ‘Decorative Swirl With Flowers’ decal, which would work well if placed next to – or directly above – a bed, bookcase or other large piece of furniture).

Types Of Vinyl Wall Art And Stickers

In case you’re not aware of the different types of vinyl stickers and wall art that’s available, we’ve listed some of the categories below to help you get started:

Every room in your home has some sort of special significance. For example, your dining room and kitchen are extremely social spaces where you’ll mingle with family and friends. Rather than adding an image or pattern to the wall in question, you could run some speculative searches based around key themes. Using your kitchen as an example, you could use keywords like ‘family’ or ‘drink’ or ‘laughter’ to locate interesting anecdotes or famous sayings.

Sometimes people visit our website looking for very specific vinyl wall stickers. They may want to add a finishing touch to their son’s or daughter’s bedroom, which they have already decorated according to a certain theme (which centres on a particular cartoon character or genre).

In any case, there are literally hundreds of different vinyl stickers available, which can either be purchased as standalone decorations or separately and in smaller sizes.

These are ideal if you want to create a feature wall that pays homage to your child’s favourite action hero or heroine or if you want to construct a colourful montage that tells a story – perhaps about marauding pirates or an invasion of robots!)

Skylines Or Landmarks
There’s nothing more striking, not to mention romantic, than the familiar outline of a famous skyline. These vinyl stickers are slightly different in format to others available through our website, in that they are long and narrow; this means you could create a long and scrolling panorama that occupies the entire length of a wall. This would also act in terms of creating a vertical break that separates the space in to two distinct sections, which could be used to contain different themes or effects.

Perhaps you have an idea for a theme that isn’t available through our site at the moment. Or maybe you’ve found something that’s ‘almost there’ but ‘not quite.’ The good news is that we can create bespoke vinyl decals or stickers that are designed to your specific requirements – or even amend an existing one so that it fits in with the theme of a room you’re decorating.

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We hope you’ll find vinyl stickers and decals that are ideally suited to the room/s you’re decorating through our website.

If you can’t find your perfect match, need some advice, or would like to send us instructions to create an image from scratch, contact us by phone or email.