Song Lyric Wall Stickers

Make A Statement. Decorate Your Room With Song Lyric Wall Stickers

You've already spent a great deal of time, effort and money decorating your home. But there are still a few things that need your attention – the blank space above your fireplace, for example, and the as-of-yet undecorated walls in your study and master bedroom.

What can you do to make these unused areas of your home stand out so that they have the right impact?

Song lyric stickers are trending in a big way online at the moment.
That's partly because they're inexpensive to buy and easy to apply; more importantly, though, they allow people to make a definitive statement about their personality.

The right words - strategically positioned in a suitable part of your home - can have just as much impact as a painting, mirror or family portrait.

Which Rooms Can I Put Them In?

This is a very good question. Some types of wall stickers are designed with a particular location in mind. A caricature of Spiderman would look out of place above the ornate fireplace in someone's study - but would really help liven up a child's bedroom wall. Song lyric decals can, on the other hand, be applied to the wall of almost any room in your home - so long as the words you have chosen are appropriate for the space they're going to inhabit.

Work Backwards
This presents something of a challenge, as you may need to think in reverse. In other words, instead of choosing the lyrics first, you may want to look at what spaces need to be filled. Subsequently, you could then run some keyword searches online to see what song lyric wall stickers were suitable.
This will make a bit more sense if we tackle a couple of examples...

Let's say you've finished decorating your bedroom, but are concerned about the featureless wall directly above the bed itself.

You want to make some sort of statement about sleeping, but, despite your best efforts, can't think of any songs that contain appropriate lyrics.
On our website you can search for parts of lyrics (if you can't remember the whole song) or type in related terms that'll help you to explore different themes. As an example, if you were to type in the word 'lay', you'd see the following result:

"If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?"

If you were a fan of the song in question, all the better; even if you weren't familiar with it, you might find the words enchanting - or choose them purely on the basis that they were appropriate for a bedroom.

A kitchen isn't just the space you spend time cooking in. There's probably a table by the wall where you spend time eating with your family; and, when you entertain, people doubtlessly wander in to make conversation with you while you're preparing the food or making drinks.

This room is therefore one of your home's key focal points. The question is, where should you put your song lyric stickers? You'll want them positioned in an area that's immediately visible to your guests as they come in – but also somewhere your family can enjoy them.

Although the layout and size of your kitchen will influence where you put your lyric stickers, you could position them:
1. By the dining table where you eat, as everyone would be able to see and enjoy them
2. On the wall facing the door, so that they'd be the first things your guests saw as they entered the room
3. Directly above your cooking space or the sink so that people could enjoy the lyrics while they were working.

In terms of choosing the best song lyrics stickers, the words don't necessarily need to have any connection with cooking. Think about what the kitchen means to you. It's a busy place full of noise and general bustle. It's also a social space where you get to mingle with family and friends. It's the place where you get to pursue your passion (that is, if cooking really is your thing!).

As an example, if you absolutely love making food and need to feel motivated while you're preparing Sunday lunch, 'You're Simply The Best' might give you the boost of confidence you need!
It's all a matter of personal taste.

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