Self-Adhesive Wall Art for Your Home


The term “Self Adhesive Wall Art” is a pretty self-explanatory, it’s kind of ‘what is says on the tin’. Here at Wondrous Wall Art, we create wall stickers made from self-adhesive vinyl. It has special glue on the back which makes it simple to apply to your wall and requires no extra glues or tapes to hold it in place. The wall sticker is actually cut from a roll of vinyl using specialist high precision cutters and the vinyl that is not required is removed leaving the design behind stucj to a backing paper. When you receive a wall sticker, the vinyl sits in between two protective and essential layers of paper, a backing paper and an application paper. The front, transparent layer is the application tape which is used to protect the vinyl design whilst being transported and is also essential in the process of applying the wall sticker to your wall, as you will find in the application guide under the ‘How to apply’ tab of our website. The backing paper has a waxy finish which allows the sticky vinyl to stick to it but also allows it to be easily removed.

What We Do

As a company, we try our best to come up with the best and most innovative wall sticker designs to help our customers improve the style of their interior décor at affordable prices. Wall stickers for the home have become very popular over the last 5 years due to the fact that they are affordable, easily applied and most importantly: look fantastic.

We have amassed thousands of designs for you to choose from, designs for all members of the family, and are happy to offer free quotations for custom designs where you can’t find exactly what you are looking for.

What We Offer

As you’ll see throughout our website, our decals are categorised into sections, making it easier for you to navigate through our designs to find the decal that would look best upon a wall in your home.

Kids and Nursery

Cute quotes, cartoon characters and friendly designs are just a snippet of what is involved when looking for ideas for kids and nursery rooms. Whether you are looking for something to be placed above a cot or perhaps next to the bookcase, we have something to compliment everything. With every wall decal available in 22 colours, and customisable names available in many, it’s simpler than ever to decorate your little ones’ rooms.

Children’s bedroom stickers

Amongst our most popular designs, children’s bedroom stickers can transform a bland wall into a world of fantasy. Whatever children are interested in, whether they enjoy pirates, cars and trains or perhaps are fascinated by space, we have what you need to become a “top parent”. Our children’s wall stickers start at only £9.99, making these the perfect surprise, stocking filler or birthday present!

If you or somebody in the family has a certain celebrity crush or simply obsesses over a particular singer or movie star, take a flick through our celebrities section where you are able to get your hands on silhouettes and lyrics of you’re a-list heroes.

Are the kids into One Direction? Make their day with our fantastically popular One Direction wall sticker.
Perhaps they are more into rap, a slightly contrasting genre. Eminem and Lil Wayne are also available in this section.

Cartoon Characters
There are a whole host of children’s cartoon characters available here at Wondrous Wall Art. Whether that’s your five year old daughter who fantasises over Tinkerbell, Peppa Pig and co or the grown up kid inside you who still loves Dennis the Menace and Dr Who. Personalise these decals by adding the name of the person soon to be proud owner of their first vinyl wall decal.

Quotes and expressions
First of all, you need to think of whereabouts the wall art sticker is going to go. Will it be for your daughter’s room, in which case the quote ‘I do believe in fairies. I do I do I do.’ may look and fit fantastically. Then you need to work out why you are choosing the decal. Is it because it’s a quote that means something special to you? Something your granddad used to say to you? Or maybe it’s a quote from your favourite film. Take a look through our “Quotes & Expression” Category to help you decide on the right one for you.

Banksy style
Banksy has become synonymous with street art, he has his own style whereby he uses pre-cut stencils to spray paint a hidden political or opinionated view on something. Our Banksy style vinyl wall decals look fantastic in the more modern rooms in your home, and in true Banksy stencil style, you can have one of his specialist and unique designs upon your walls for an affordable price.

Skylines and landmarks
Have you got that special city in your heart? Perhaps you visited New York on your honeymoon? Or support Liverpool FC? We have loads of famous city landmarks in stock, from New York to London. You can choose our XL skylines which go up to two metres long, looking fantastic as a silhouette on a contrasting coloured background on a feature wall.

Sports themes
Whatever sport your children are in to, we are bound to have a decal for it. We have football, skateboarding, motocross, basketball and lots more. These children’s wall stickers look fantastic in customisable colours and with the ability to personalise may of them to add your child’s name.

Decorative wall stickers
Perhaps you are just after a little something to spruce up the living room. You are not quite sure what you need but you know it is lacking something. Have a look through our decorative wall stickers, where you’ll find a wide range of wall sticker decals such as the Decorative Lamppost and Birdcage or the Cherry blossom tree, which can be made personal to you by matching the colours with your existing furniture. We have many borders which can frame pictures or be placed at either ends of a wall to bring a sense of unity and proportion.

Contact Us

We can also design customised stickers, so if there’s something special you want to say, but it’s not on our website, let us know and we’ll be very pleased to help.