Motivational Wall Stickers

What Are 'Motivational Wall Stickers'?

There are two strands to this question. One, you may not be familiar with the term 'wall stickers.' So let's tackle this first. We're talking about images or words that can be used to decorate any room in your home - and in a matter of minutes (simply refer to our 'How To Apply' page for more information!).

The second part of our answer is ever so slightly tricky. That's because everyone is motivated by different things. Some might feel roused in to action by the words of a famous politician, whilst others might draw energy from the lyrics of a famous song - 'When the Tough Get Going' by Billy Ocean, or 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor.

So, when you are browsing our website, don't look for a special heading devoted to motivation. You're just as likely to find what you're looking for under Song Lyrics or Quotations and Expressions.

Choosing Your Motivational Wall Stickers

Are you stuck for ideas? Perhaps you can't think of any suitable quotes, famous sayings or song lyrics to put on your wall. On the other hand, you may have found the perfect wall sticker but don't know where to position it to get the best effect.

Here are a few wall sticker ideas for you to think about...

What Do You Use The Room For?
Every room in your home serves a different purpose. Your kitchen is a central hub where you frequently congregate with your family - and, upon occasion, entertain guests. Contrastingly, your bedroom is an extremely private space that will be seen by relatively few people.

Before you start searching for online wall stickers jot down a few notes about what the room in question means to you.

Ask yourself:
1. What do I do in this room? If you use it for work then you may want a motivational sticker that'll give you an energy boost when your focus begins to wane.
2. Who uses this room? Some areas of your home are for family and others are more communal. By categorising in this way you'll be able to find the right inspirational words.
3. Is there already a theme? Everyone decorates their homes differently. But in many cases there'll be a central theme that links together the different rooms of a home. Is your overall look antique, retro or modern? Either way, you may want to look for a motivational wall sticker that continues the decorative patterns defined elsewhere.

Examples Of Motivational Wall Stickers

Having talked through some of the possible approaches you could adopt when choosing your wall stickers, let's follow the scenario from beginning to end so you have a template to follow when you get started:

Having given the matter some thought, you've decided to buy a motivational sticker for your kitchen. You've jotted down some notes and have come up with the following keywords: 'family,' 'drink,' and 'fun.' Having run these search terms through the Wondrous Wall Art database you find the following quote: 'Old Friends And Wine Improve With Age.'

Although you like this expression, you decide to review the overall look of your kitchen, the look of which is quite antique. Overall, you feel that this quotation - which has quite a mellow and mature edge to it - fits in well with the slightly aged look of the room.

The subsequent steps have less to do with the words you've chosen, and relate more to the artistic side of the installation process. Here are a few more questions for you to consider:

1. How big is the sticker? Ask yourself whether the words will fit in the space you've chosen. Conversely, will they be dwarfed by the area and, therefore, lose their intended impact?
2. What colour is the sticker? It's not just about the meaning of the words, or where you position them; they need to blend in with the colour scheme of the room too. Fortunately, we are able to offer our customers motivational wall stickers in a range of different shades.
3. How much light is there? If your chosen spot does not receive much natural or artificial light then it is unlikely to catch anyone’s attention. This will defeat the purpose of having it there, as you'll struggle to read the motivational words.

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