Wall Stickers - How to Say 'I Love You'

How Do You Say 'I Love You' Through Vinyl Wall Stickers

Home wall stickers are a fantastic way of showing your affection to your loved ones. With the on-going recession and house rentals at an all-time high; temporary, affordable wall stickers are the perfect way to give across a message of love and endearment. With special occasions conveniently placed regularly throughout the year such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Anniversaries, Wondrous Wall Art have a fantastic selection of love wall stickers available to help you say “I Love You”.

Who is trying to show love? And to whom?

OK, so firstly understand who are you trying to display your love to. If you are buying it as a family to give off a statement of unity, perhaps you’d like a statement feature in a kitchen or living room. ‘This Home is run on love, laughter, wine’ wall decal may be perfect for you. A fantastically modern design, you can choose two of 22 colours from our colour chart to compliment your desired room in the home. A wine bottle image accompanies these words, and gives off a feeling of warmth and harmony to your visiting guests.

For a more intimate show of affection, one of our bedroom wall stickers may be appropriate. ‘When I saw you’ is a perfect example of this. Customisable to include a ‘from’ and ‘to’ name, state your love for a partner with accompanying words of how ‘when I met you, I wanted to kiss you’. If you share an inside joke or perhaps some favourite song lyrics with a loved one, look through our quotes and lyrics for a decal that portrays your feelings and emotions. ‘If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?’ is a fitting wall quote sticker that gives off that closeness and is also perfect to be placed just above the bed.

Searching for That Perfect Design

Simply typing ‘love’ into the Wondrous Wall Art search box will return over 10 pages of results and so we want to help you find the home wall sticker which is most relevant and special to you. Try thinking through what it is that you want from your new accessory. Who is it for? Which room is it for? What do I want to it to include? Once you have decided what you actually want, type the keywords into our search bar to find THE one.

Say for instance you wanted something to include ‘family, love, home’, type exactly this in to our search engine and a number of results await you. ‘Family, together we have it all’ is one that would appear, and is perfect for a lounge, kitchen or hallway. The words go together with a swirly mural, which would look perfect on a contrasting coloured wall.

For a statement of devotion from parents to a younger child, the ‘We love you to the moon and back’ wall art sticker may be one to look at. Above a cot or bed, perhaps on the back of a nursery door, wall art stickers are the perfect way of spreading the love.

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