Kids Wall Stickers

Keep It Simple

If you’re extremely creative, and have lots of time to spare, then you could create an eye-catching montage of images that are built around a central theme. Otherwise, if you’re busy, don’t feel confident creating such an arrangement, or feel it would be inappropriate for the room in question, you’d be better off choosing just one wall sticker – which means your selection will really have to count...

What Room Is It For?

The kids wall stickers you choose will need to tie in stylistically with the room they’re meant for; that’s why we’ve separated the following suggestions in to different categories:

Your kid’s bedroom is different to other parts of your home – because it’s a private space that’s mean to function primarily for their enjoyment. This means you have a wider creative remit when it comes to helping them select the right wall stickers.

Some possible themes might be:
1. A Disney/Character-based wall sticker that could tie-in with other decorating choices you make (you can buy themed duvet sets, wallpaper and other items from reputable DIY stores.

2. Video Game logos are becoming extremely popular these days. If your kids are constantly playing on their Xbox then why not buy a wall sticker to put above the gaming area in their bedroom?

3. Science Fiction never goes out of fashion. If your child is wild about this ever-enduring genre, then a colourful arrangement of robots or spaceships placed just above their bedstead could really help to liven up their sleeping space.

4. Sporting themes continue to be in high demand. If your son or daughter has a favourite football team, then they’re bound to appreciate the logo of that club placed proudly in the centre of one of their bedroom walls.

Alternatively there may be a sporting celebrity they particularly admire. Imagine their reaction if they came home to find a picture of Muhammad Ali or David Beckham in their room!

Children (even young babies) love looking at patterns and shapes, so you could:

1. Create a simple montage using images of butterflies (to name but one example) which could be put just above their bed/cot so they could admire the shapes as they drifted off to sleep. Our wall stickers are available in different colours, so you could even vary the shade to create an intriguing effect bound to captivate their attention and give the room that extra wow factor.

2. Our website isn’t just loaded with lots of colourful images and patterns. We have an extensive library of quotes and lyrics too. As an example, you could add the following saying to the wall directly above, or perhaps adjoining, their sleeping area (the important thing is that they, and anyone entering the room, see it): ‘Sweet Dreams, We Love You, Sleep Well, Goodnight.’

3. The third option would be to combine these two approaches. Why not add a quotation and then add some butterflies around the edges, with the stickers acting as a sort of frame!

Feeling Creative? How About A Montage!?

If you have a lot of space available and feel like exercising your imagination, you may want to think about creating a montage to bring your child’s bedroom or nursery to life.

How can you do this? Here are a few simple tips to guide you:
1. Don’t clutter the wall with too many shapes. Ensure that the stickers are arranged in a congruent pattern that will be easy on the eye.

2. Try to tell a story. You can buy stickers through our site that follow a particular theme – for example, pirates or science fiction. These could be positioned to suggest a narrative by using the furniture in the room to help achieve an effect (with the pirate ship appearing to rise up from below the bedstead, perhaps).

3. Use a border. This will help break up the wall space in to clear sections. It will also create a focal point that the stickers can be arranged around (as with our previous example, which involved using existing elements of the room to help suggest a story).

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