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One Room at a Time is Best

If you try and think about the decorating process in its totality you’ll only succeed in terrifying yourself. It’s much better to break your project in to bite size chunks, meaning that you’ll be able to review each room on its own merit and make a decision based on the information you’ve gathered.
In terms of choosing wall stickers for your home, again, you can research the most suitable ones online on a room-by-room basis. Naturally, every area of your home fulfils a different purpose – so you’ll need to adopt a unique approach in each case.

With that it in mind, here are some basic tips you’ll find useful if you don’t know where to start…

The Planning Process

So, your aim is to find a wall sticker – or maybe even a couple of them – to enhance the character of one (or more) of your rooms.
Here a few questions you’ll probably want to jot down on a piece of paper and think about.

How much decorating are you planning on doing?
If you’re only planning on upgrading your settee and re-wallpapering, your job will be made that much easier. You’ll already know what colour scheme you’re going to use and the central theme of your room is likely to remain intact. Conversely, if you’re planning on making some large-scale changes, it might be a good idea to commit these to paper before choosing your decal.

What is the room in question used for?
Will it be seen by lots of people, or is it essentially a private space that will be closed off from general view?

If it’s the former then you’ll need to look for wall stickers that tie-in with the central theme defined by that space. If it’s the latter than you’ll be able to exercise a greater degree of creative latitude to ensure your surroundings remain highly personal to you.

What space do you have available?
The shape, layout and size of the room will restrict – and therefore influence – the size of the wall sticker/s you eventually choose. As a general rule, the following locations are often ideal places in which to position your decal/s to create the best possible effect:

1. On the largest wall in a room, thus turning it in to something of a feature and ensuring that it’s noticed by anyone that enters. This will work best if you have a lot of space to work with, as you’ll be able to add a large wall sticker capable of commanding people’s attention. If the area in question is relatively small, you may want to look for something a little less overwhelming that’ll fit in with the general ambience you’ve created.

2. Directly above a dining room table probably going to be the focal point of that space. Although it might be tempting to add a sticker of scale to the wall, so that your guests cannot fail to notice it, you need to bear in mind this image will only be seen by them when they leave or enter – which means it’s probably better to find a picture that will look good when examined under close scrutiny.

3. Either side of a door could work well if the chosen wall sticker has some sort of connection to the space it is introducing. An example might involve using some sort of ornate floral decoration on the wall by the external kitchen door that links to the garden you have spent so much time perfecting.

4. An alcove could work well, especially if that space is reserved for something specific. You may have decided to put your music centre there, your bookcase, or something, in any case, that’s extremely personal and might benefit from some further decoration to frame it or emphasis its presence. A swirling pattern or some butterflies in flight are just two examples of sticker styles that would work non-aggressively to achieve this effect.

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