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Make The Space Fun

Although you’ll want to decorate your child’s room to the highest possible standard, so that it fits in as well as possible thematically with the overall design of your home, you’ll have another (and equally as important) ambition too – to make their bedroom a space that’ll be fun for them to spend time in. At first glance this sounds easy. And it can be – depending on what approach you’ve decided to adopt with your redecorating... In other words, decorating your child’s bedroom will be as simple or as hard as you decide to make it.

Need some help with choosing childrens wall stickers? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

What’s Your Child In To?

Although we’re not suggesting you give your child carte blanche when it comes to decorating their room, it’s always a good idea to talk to them before you get started. The questions you ask don’t necessarily have to revolve around colour schemes, layout, or furniture; instead, you could ask them about their hobbies, favourite cartoons and proffered sports.

These are just three examples, but we’re sure you can see right away how the answers given would help you choose suitable stickers to put on your child’s walls. Browse the categories on our site and you’ll see right away that we have childrens bedroom stickers available in a many different categories – ranging from images of Mickey Mouse, through to pictures of footballs, sports cars and much more.
Imagine your child’s delight when they come home, only to find a larger-than-life picture of Dennis the Menace, Super Mario or The Tardis positioned above their bed or playing area...

Not that this solves all of your problems. Choosing a suitable wall sticker for your child’s bedroom represents just one step in the decorating process. How do you use this information moving forward?

Use Your Wall Sticker As A Stepping Stone

Whilst some people might choose their carpets, curtains and colour scheme first – meaning that a wall sticker would be their final consideration – you could work this process in reverse. In other words, this decal would become the focal point of your child’s room and all of your subsequent decorating decisions would revolve around your choice of image.

Your child’s favourite colour is red. They’re a big fan of Super Mario and so you search online using our website and find a larger-than-life sized sticker of this much-famed video game character.
The next step is to decide where to put this sticker.

For the sake of argument, you decide to position it above their bed, so that it’s the last thing they’ll see before settling down for the night. You then coordinate the colour of their duvet and sheets to match, or complement, that of the Super Mario sticker that you’ve chosen. From this you’ll be able to build outwards, using short (but highly effective) logical steps to determine your next move. What shade of wallpaper will contrast best against the colour scheme you’ve chosen for your child’s sleeping area? Could you perhaps continue the video game theme by creating a space invaders montage on the area directly adjoining their bed?

Very soon you’ll have a solid decorating plan in place – and, as you can see, the process flows quite naturally once you’ve got a starting point from which to begin.

Other Considerations

You may also want to think about:
1. The space leading in to your child’s bedroom. You could use wall stickers on the wall directly outside their door to introduce a theme. Let’s pretend that you have decorated the interior mainly in tasteful shades of green; you could add a decal of a tree or some other natural scene to suggest a theme based around nature.
2. The number of decals you use. It is all too easy to get carried away with the decorating process, which can result in spaces appearing cluttered. You will achieve a much better result by purchasing one wall sticker and positioning it in the right spot.

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