Ideas for Decorating Your Children’s Bedroom

Where Should I Start?

The approach you adopt when looking for childrens bedroom stickers should be the same as with any other room in your home. That said, there are two possible scenarios that you are probably facing – either you have just moved in to your home (in which case it may need to be extensively re-decorated) or you are in the process of revamping your property to bring it up-to-date.
Depending on which of the above situations is relevant, you will need to alter your approach…

New Home, New Start

What Is The Condition Of The Room?
If you have just moved in to your new home then you are understandably eager to start decorating; however, it is worth stopping for just a moment and asking yourself the question ‘How much work really needs to be done?’ The benefit of wall stickers for childrens bedrooms is that they’re not expensive – yet, can make all the difference if chosen carefully and positioned in the right part of the room.
Let’s say the child’s bedroom is in good condition. The wallpaper isn’t peeling, the carpet is far from threadbare, and the fixtures and fittings are well preserved too.

Rather than making some dramatic and expensive changes, you could paint the walls in a light blue hue, find some matching wallpaper and bed linen and purchase a Sonic the Hedgehog wall sticker. This could be placed directly above the bed for effect – or on the wall directly adjoining the bed.

Childrens wall stickers can be purchased in a range of different colours, although, in this particular case black might appear quite striking when placed against a softer shaded background….
Have a look on our website and use the drop down menus to see which colours you can choose from.

What Is The Size Of The Room?

This might seem like a strange question to ask; but the size your child’s bedroom will automatically influence what changes you’ll be able to make to it. The Sonic the Hedgehog decal that we mentioned earlier would not necessarily look good in a smaller bedroom where there was very little space available. Instead, it would be better to choose bedroom stickers that were smaller in size, meaning they would not dominate the room and instead become part of its overall flow.

What Images Should I Use?

Although there’s nothing wrong with choosing cartoon characters like Sonic to liven up your child’s bedroom, you do not need to limit yourself to images like this.
Here are some ideas for some other arrangements you could use to brighten the room:

1. Use a wall border to break things up. If it’s a boy’s room then you may want to use something like a transportation theme. You can buy additional wall stickers based around this theme, which could be arranged in to a montage;

2. Instead of using images, why not try something different? You could use something humorous for example (search through our website for Personalised Bedroom log in, which would look great on your child’s bedroom door and work much better than an ordinary ‘Do Not Disturb!’ or ‘My Room, Keep Out!’ sign)

3. If your child is very young, then why not add some lyrics from your favourite nursery rhyme above their cot space or the adjoining wall?

Everything’s In Order, Do I Need To Make Any Changes?

If your home requires extensive renovation, and you’re worried about the cost, then wall stickers may be exactly what you need to solve your problem. The key is to find one that is the right size for your child’s room – for the simple reason that a large decal placed in the right position will act as a focal point for any visitors that come to see you. Their attention will be drawn immediately to the themed sticker – be it your child’s favourite cartoon character, an exciting montage like the one we mentioned before, or the lyrics from a well-known rhyme – rather than the other issues that you plan on urgently addressing later.

Colour matters too. If you choose an appropriate image that’s the right size for the wall, but clashers with the shade of the wallpaper, curtains and/or carpet then this will serve only to emphasise the amount of work that needs to be done to the room. Decals can be bought in a variety of different shades, so choose carefully before making your purchase and, if you’re in any doubt, call a member of our expert team for help.

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