How to prepare to purchase a wall decal.

So you’ve decided to delve into the wondrous world of wall art. The next thing to do is prepare yourself to actually purchase the right one for you.

To start with, ask yourself whereabouts in the house your new acquisition will be placed. Once you’ve decided which wall it’s going on, you can pick the right style and colour. For example, if the paint on the background wall is white or cream, a darker colour such as chocolate or black would contrast effectively and vice versa. Here at Wondrous Wall Art, we stock 22 different colours of matt vinyl, ranging from white through to black, so the only problem you’ll have is being stuck for choice!

Once you have decided upon a colour, you need to think about the reasoning behind buying the decal. Is it as a humorous welcome as friends and family walk through the front door? Or is it an educational sticker in a young child’s bedroom? The size and colour of the decal will be affected based on this decision. You may want to keep it quite subtle in a living room, yet let your children express themselves with an extra-large decal.
There are certain areas of the home that you should probably think twice about before applying a decal. Doors tend to be quite a tricky place to apply a decal due to the grooves and indentations; the same with radiators. Any areas of wall that have recently been painted should be left for at least two weeks before applying, as it tends to take a while for the paint to set; and could end up taking some of the paintwork away if you do not follow this rule. Apart from this, you can get sticking on any flat surface throughout your whole house!

You are now ready to decide amongst the family which decal would suit you best. Have fun!