How to buy a wall decal as a gift

For all the husbands out there, we feel for you when your wife asks for a certain necklace for her birthday. And for all the wives out there, we feel for you when your husband asks for a certain curry on the way home from the pub. Things are much simpler when it comes to ordering a wall sticker for another as a gift.
One of the few things you have to consider is what coloured wall it is going to be applied on. As long as the colours aren’t too similar or clash, you should be okay. Try and get contrasting or complimentary colours, although if you are stuck, choose black as this goes well with almost everything.
Next, choose a size. Is this person subtle and classy, or loud and expressive? How big is their bedroom? Check with somebody close to them what size the wall is to avoid embarrassment on their big day! If the receiving person is loud and bubbly, perhaps they would like one of our large or X large figures. Or maybe a smaller quote or song lyric for those more sensible individuals.
If you are choosing a gift for a child or young teenager, you have certainly come to the right place. Choose from categories such as ‘Celebrities’, ‘Cartoon characters’ and ‘Kids and Nursery’, where you will find some of their favourite characters, busy adventure and underwater scenes, and educational wall stickers. You can personalise many of our decals, so make a littleun’s big day that little bit more special with a wall sticker finished with his/her own name!
We will send the gift out to you in a cardboard tube to the billing address, where you can choose to take it out of the packaging, and wrap it up, or simply give it to them in the original tube. You’re sure to be popular with the birthday boy/girl with a present from Wondrous Wall Art.