The Benefits of Wall Decals

Wall Decals Benefits

If you are new to the idea of wall decals, then allow us to help you understand the benefits. Aside from the fact that wall stickers are half the price of a tub of paint, and a hell of a lot less mess, there are a huge number of positives about choosing the modern way of decorating.

First of all, our cheapest decal starts at just £9.99. How much wallpaper would that buy you? Not a great deal. For that price, you get to choose the colour and get it delivered to your house for free. They are fantastically priced, and instantly add that touch of colour to any room in the home.

Wall stickers from Wondrous Wall Art are brilliant quality, created by our own designers and produced by machines from the cutting edge of the sign industry. If you genuinely can’t find something to fit your home, or would like a custom wall decal, we can also produce that within three working days (for a small additional design charge).
They are a luxury item, adding sophistication to dull wall or area. With 22 colours to choose from our wall stickers can bring a sense of class to your bedrooms, lounge, or kitchen and make it easy for you to fill a large area of plain wall.

A Unique Message on Your Wall

One of the major things with our products is that you can make the decal unique to yourself, and give across a message about your family or your sense of humour. Lots of our decals have a tongue-in-cheek message, such as ‘Everyone brings joy to this house. Some as they enter and some as they leave’. You can use your new acquisition as a show of love to a partner or to the family as well, by selecting one of our love quotes. What better (and cheaper) way to confess your affection to someone on Valentine’s day?
Valentine’s day isn’t the only occasion you can buy wall stickers of course, otherwise the other 51 weeks of our year would be a little dull. Wall stickers from Wondrous Wall Art are an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for people of all ages. If you are stuck for ideas for a friend’s child, take a look at our children’s wall decals, and minimise the risk of failure! We have a large selection of nursery stickers, so it is the perfect conclusion to finishing off the nursery.

As you can see, the pro’s most certainly outweigh the cons. In fact, the only cons being that you could get wall sticker addiction or a sudden hatred of plain walls!

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