Bedroom Wall Stickers

A Very Personal Choice

Most of your home is open to scrutiny the moment a guest arrives. This means you have to decorate with others in mind too, comprising in areas that you would otherwise rather have to. Your bedroom is different. You may spend very little time awake in it, but it’s an intensely personal space that is likely to be seen very little by others.

This means you’ve got almost complete carte blanche when it comes to looking for bedroom decorating ideas.

Even better news – bedroom wall stickers are available in a range of different styles and categories, meaning you’ll easily be able to find something that’ll fit in with your planned theme!

So Where Do I Start?

The answer to this question will really depend on how much re-decorating you want (or need) to do.
In any case, here’s what you could do to get started before choosing your bedroom wall stickers:

Identify a space where not very much is happening. Is one of your walls completely bare? If so, would it benefit from a boldly coloured decal right in its centre – something that would fill the void, whilst at the same time making a statement about your personality or continuing a theme begun elsewhere in your bedroom?

Alternatively, if your bedroom already has a focal point – for example, a television, small settee, or desk – you could look for stickers that tied in with the theme of that particular object.

Here are some general suggestions as to how you could use wall stickers to achieve the best possible effect in your bedroom:

City Skyline
A long, narrow sticker like this would work well if placed above an object of similar dimensions, like a television, desk, shelving unit or bed.

Well-chosen song lyrics or famous expressions can work well when carefully appointed. Why not type some keywords in to our website to see what we have available? If purchased in a large font these stickers could work really well on a wall currently bereft of any kind of decoration.

If you are looking for something a bit more classical, then browse under the ‘Decorative Wall Stickers’ category on our website. We have a range of themes available that include nature, patters and even abstract murals.

What Does Your Bedroom Look Like?

It’s not just the amount of square footage you have available, but the layout too.

If you’re stuck for ideas then why not review some of the suggestions we put together below for you?

Perfectly square room
If your bedroom walls are each of the same dimension then your task will be a little easier. Long shapes will work just as well here as with the previous example, so long as they are positioned above an object that is similarly elongated, as this will help to train the eye as it traverses the interior space.
Nominate one of the walls to act as a main canvas, upon which your bedroom sticker will be placed; this will help detract attention away from the regularity of the space – which might otherwise suffer due to the lack of a distinct focal point.

Long and narrow room
Choose bedroom wall stickers that accentuate – and will therefore help you to make the most of – the space you have available. Skylines and landscapes would work well in a room like this, as would any floral patterns that could be used to frame the corners of each wall and create a decorative structure within which to place other items (like shelves, photos, desks or settees, if applicable).


The colours, wallpaper and other decorative items in your bedroom will set a precedent that your bedroom stickers will need to follow – not just thematically, but in terms of shade as well.
With that in mind:

1. Choose a colour for your sticker that won’t jar too much; if your bedroom is quite antique in style (with, say, wooden floorboards and distressed-look furniture) then a mellow hue like pale brown or sepia might work well.

2. Choose a shape for your sticker that will work with, rather than against, the layout of your bedroom. We are not talking about the layout of the space that was mentioned earlier (c/f long and narrow v perfectly square) but rather the angles and outlines of things. If the corners of your ceiling are rounded off, for example, then choose bedroom wall sticker that will run as well as possible with this curvature.

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