Wall Stickers For Your Bathroom

Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Wall Stickers

The first thing we need to emphasise is that we're not talking about stickers in the classical sense (you know the ones we're talking about: the type that, as a child, you used to peel off of a sheet and stick on your bedroom wall, drawers or cabinet - much to your parents' chagrin). The bathroom wall stickers we're referring to are, instead, decorative items that can be used to add that all-important finishing touch to what is an extremely important focal point of your home.

Finding wall stickers for your bathroom is not easy, though. There are two main reasons this process is challenging: (i) a bathroom is typically quite a small room, which means there are only so many places you can put your stickers; (ii) there is no specific 'bathroom' category to browse under, which means you'll have to do quite a bit of creative thinking when researching the best kitchen stickers to use.

Fortunately, neither of these challenges are insurmountable. That's why we decided to outline a few simple ideas that you can put in to practice right away.

Below are our musings. We hope you find them useful...

Think About the Layout

As we intimated earlier, a bathroom is often quite a small space - possibly the smallest in your home (toilet withstanding of course!). Whilst your dining room, kitchen or lounge gives you a great deal of creative scope when looking to implement a particular theme, there are only so many surfaces available to explore in the case of your bathroom.

This means there are two main issues you'll need to consider: (i) where to put your bathroom stickers; (ii) how to select ones that are suitable for the space they'll be used for.

Location, Location, Location
When you decided to rent or buy your home, its geographical location probably influenced you more than anything else. Continuing in this vein of thought, it's just as important to find the right surface for your bathroom stickers - as this feature will be one of the first things you (and your guests) see when they use the room.

Here are a few places you could put your bathroom stickers:
1. Directly above the bath. This part of the room is probably the most used. It also represents a range of themes and concepts - playtime, relaxation, solitude and quiet are just a small handful of examples you could explore when researching the best bathroom stickers for the room.
2. Above the doorway. You don't necessarily have to think in terms of the boundaries of the bathroom itself - a well-chosen quote or expression placed just above the door will speak volumes about how much you cherish this space.
3. Above the radiator. Most bathrooms have a built-in radiator that you can hang your towels on. If the space above it is blank, then you could fill this void with a relevant quote or expression - or perhaps an appropriate image that tied in with the theme of the room.
4. On the wall outside. As we mentioned earlier, the space just outside your bathroom is important too, acting as a form of conduit that leads people in to that space - so think outside the box too when looking for online bathroom stickers.

Which Images/Words Are Best?
To a degree, this is down to your personal taste. It's your home and whatever bathroom stickers you choose need to continue the precedent set by the existing themes used in other rooms.

Despite this, you may be stuck for ideas, in which case here are some ideas to think about:
1. Use humour. A bathroom can be a fun space - especially if you have young children who enjoy playing in the bath with their toys. A poignant quote aligned directly above the tub could be just what you are looking for.
2. Use nature. Trees, flowers and branches could blend in well with the look of your room. Thematically, they represent the natural world, cleanliness and transformation – all of which tie-in with the purpose of your bathroom!
3. Use Colour. Bathrooms are often not decorated that extensively, so any decals you choose will really stand out if you choose one that is bright and immediately commanding.

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